Green Gift Ideas

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What kind of gift would you give at an eco friendly wedding?

Green Gift Ideas

Homemade wedding gifts have more meaning than their traditional store bought counterparts. Making a gift basket filled with environmentally friendly gifts is just one idea. Green gift ideas include plain white organic bedding, a composter or gift certificates to their favorite health food store, organic grocery store or other environmental friendly place. A great idea for an environmentally friendly homemade wedding gift is a time capsule. Fill it with photos and other keepsakes. Label it so they do not open it until a future anniversary such as the twenty-fifth. An organic garden basket is another great idea. Fill it with seeds from the gardens of guests, add some hand tools or other necessities. For the couple who has a yard and garden or who are planning a garden together, a composter or rain barrel make wonderful environmentally friendly gifts. Other ideas for homemade wedding gifts can include potpourri jars, homemade soap or items made from dried herbs such as wreaths. You could even decorate a plain picture frame with dried flowers or herbs. Homemade quilts, especially ones made using organic material or hemp, are great gift ideas that the couple is sure to cherish. If you are giving the gift of food, look for organic, locally made items. When all else fails, ask the couple if there is an environmentally friendly charity they would like you to make a donation to in their name. When planning to attend an environmentally friendly wedding try to choose green gift ideas or homemade wedding gifts. The couple will appreciate you trying to stay in tune with their wishes and the environment will benefit as well.



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