Organic Pet Food

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What is holistic pet food?

Organic Pet Food

Holistic dog food and holistic cat food is made from natural ingredients (often organic) that are chosen for their nutritional benefits. The ingredients in holistic pet food complement each other, so when you choose a holistic food, you know your pet is getting a balanced diet that is good for them. This helps insure that the organs in your pets body function for the benefit of each other. Holistic dog food and holistic cat food are designed to be attuned to the wisdom of your pets body, which is why many holistic pet foods contain herbs.

Organic pet food has many advantages. These include reduction of skin ailments and allergies, more energy, a healthy weight, fewer digestive disorders, better overall health, stronger immunity, a better quality of life and a longer life. Holistic and organic pet food are made with the same ingredients we would eat, such as human-grade chicken, turkey or lamb, rice, peas and carrots. Typically they do not contain wheat or corn although they may contain grains such as barley or digestible oats. They are also free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, chemical additives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers. Often times the chemicals in pet food are the reason an animal may have skin ailments and allergies. Because the food is more digestible, your pet will absorb more nutrients from their food which is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system. Finally it is important to remember that just as organic food and a healthy diet contribute to our quality of life, they also contribute to our pet's quality of life.



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