Reiki For Pets

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What is reiki for pets?

Reiki For Pets

The word reiki is derived from the Japanese words “rei” which means spirit and “ki” which means energy. When reiki is translated into English it means “universal life force energy.” Reiki for pets works in the same way it does for people by alleviating the cause of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Reiki for pets loosens blocked energy in the body and promotes a sense of deep relaxation. Reiki for pets can provide your pet with relief from blocked or suppressed feelings, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic pain. It has also been found to significantly reduce stress and tension. If your pet has recently had surgery reiki for pets can help to shorten the healing time. It can also boost and strengthen the immune system. Reiki for pets can be used to compliment both alternative and traditional healing methods. When reiki is used on pets they will generally walk away when they have had enough. This is because animals intuitively know when to stop. Once a treatment is finished, a pet should be allowed to rest for the next twenty-four hours during which time the reiki treatment continues to work at deeper levels. Distance healing is one possible way to get your pet a reiki treatment. This works because reiki is connected to all life. Sometimes when using reiki on pets, distance healing is the best alternative because your pet will not be subjected to someone new, which could upset the animal and make them less open to receiving the healing treatment.



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