Green Energy vs. Fossil Fuel

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What are the types of green energy?

Green Energy vs. Fossil Fuel

While “green energy” is a fairly new technology, researchers are working on finding ways to use renewable, clean energy that we get from the earth. Burning fossil fuel is not only polluting our environment, the fossil fuel supply is dwindling rapidly. Most people don't realize they have clean, renewable fuel sources right at their fingertips they just need to learn how to utilize the sources and make them more reliable. There are several types of “green energy” they are:

  • Solar energy: obtained from the sun (endless supply)
  • Wind energy: provides a vast source of energy that can be harnessed through turbines, which convert it into electricity
  • Geothermal energy: process where they harness the enormous amount on heat from the earth's interior core
  • Hydroelectric energy: kinetic energy from running water that can be controlled to create electricity
  • Tidal energy: tidal plants use the energy from tides for an alternate source of energy

These types of energy are more expensive right now, but if consumers demand the use of alternate energy sources, then it will force the energy companies to provide more “green energy” options.



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