Building Green

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How do "green" builders choose their building materials?

Building Green

You can do your part to preserve the environment by using earth friendly building materials and practices. If you are building a new house why not use green building materials? Designers and builders who "build green" choose their materials based on the environmental purity. These are mostly materials that have been recycled and do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals like some types of insulation or pressure treated lumber. The builders will use lumber that comes from well-managed forests and they pay close attention to energy efficiency. Houses that are built with the environment in mind will usually have high-performance windows and extra insulation for energy efficiency. Often houses and buildings are designed to use solar energy for heating water and even electricity. Choosing to use energy-efficient practices or “building green” will not only help keep our environment clean, but will also benefit your family by making the air in your house cleaner



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