Need Help For Your Green Support Group?

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Is there any assistance available for my green support group?

Need Help For Your Green Support Group?

Green support groups have an excellent resource in the Environmental Support Center (ESC). This Washington, D.C. group offers help for thousands of environmental groups across the United States. The website,, offers information on training and organizational help from the ESC, plus resources for leadership help and even financial aid.

The ESC also offers technological resource assistance for groups with budgets under half a million dollars. The ESC is an important source of help for more than 2,000 local, state, and regional groups working on environmental projects. Nonprofit groups are eligible for assistance that meet specific criteria; they must be working for environmental causes as defined by eligibility guidelines. If your green support group is eligible, you may find a good deal of assistance from the ESC. You can find all the required applications and forms at



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