Giving Green

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How can I feel assured that my financial support of green groups is handled properly?

Giving Green

Sometimes you don't have the time to get personally involved in the activities of a green support group. Many people feel better giving financial support in these cases, and environmentally aware groups always need extra monetary support. There are thousands of groups, from Greenpeace to the local Animal Shelter, all trying to make a difference in the environment in one way or another. The real question is—how well do you know your local green support group?

If you would like your money to be used for the greatest good, making an informed donation is essential. Many groups allow you to request financial statements which detail how monies donated are used, and to what ends. Any volunteer or non-profit organization should have a policy of fiscal responsibility and “transparency.”

Any group that is unwilling to tell you exactly how your donation will be used is suspect; never donate money to a group that won't tell you how its funds are being spent. Reputable non-profits and volunteer organizations have strict rules governing the handling of donations. Don't give money to any group that won't help you understand why you should give to them and not the organization down the street.



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