How To Get Military Support For Your Green Project

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How can I get military people involved in my green project?

How To Get Military Support For Your Green Project

If your green support group is planning an activity such as a local clean-up day or plant-a-tree activity, it's often quite easy to get some extra help from local military bases. All you have to do is draft a press release for the event, along with an invitation for all military members to attend.

Every military base has a public affairs office where you can send this information—just call the base and ask to be connected to the public affairs officer. Many people make the mistake of submitting this much information and no more, which may yield disappointing results.

If you go the extra step of asking the PA officer to offer help or advice on getting military members involved in the activities you have planned, you may find yourself with a great deal of extra assistance. Tell the PA officer you would be thrilled to have coverage from the base newspaper of their troops pitching in for your activity. Also be sure to tell the PA person if you have sent your press release to other newspapers, television and radio stations-the extra publicity may encourage them to be more active participants in your event.

The military loves any positive news coverage it can get; you can use this to the environment's advantage for your next special event.



8/14/2007 4:43:32 AM
Dan said:

Please bear in mind that with current global commitments, your local military base may be under-manned and the troops that are present may be already be working long hours and extra duties to compensate.


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