Getting Started On Greener Living, Part 1

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How can I get started living green?

Getting Started On Greener Living, Part 1

Consumer culture is finally catching up with us; skyrocketing gas prices, higher utility bills, and increases in the cost of groceries. Many people find a growing desire to live green, even as they struggle with the reality of higher prices. How do you make the switch to greener--and healthier--living?

For many people, the grocery store is an easy place to begin. Prepackaged food is less healthy, more wasteful in terms of excessive packaging, and more costly than fresh food. A fresh lean chicken breast, a bag of fresh romaine lettuce, some rice and a bunch of broccoli is not only healthier, it goes a lot farther than spending the same amount of money on frozen food or restaurant food.

Try this green living experiment for one week and see how you fare: Shop only around the periphery of the grocery store where the fresh food is located. Don't buy ANY canned food, frozen food or pre-packaged meal-in-a-box type dinners. If you are pressed for time, cook meals ahead of time and refrigerate them for the next day. At the end of the week evaluate how you did with your shopping and eating habits.

Chances are you created less plastic and cardboard garbage, ate healthier and saved a bit of money in the process.



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