Vinegar Cleaning-What About The Smell?

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What about the vinegar smell after I clean?

Vinegar Cleaning-What About The Smell?

Those switching to green living lifestyles are eager to save money on household cleaners by switching to vinegar, but often complain about the smell. Most vinegar odors go away once a surface dries out. In the meantime, you can burn incense or scented candles to mask the smell. You can also make an environmentally friendly solution-a mixture of water, lemon juice and baking soda and go over the cleaned surface one more time to freshen it up. It's also important to remember to properly dilute vinegar for some surfaces such as tile. Diluted vinegar won't eat your kitchen floor, plus the smell is watered down as well. The incense of scented candles will be more effective with diluted vinegar cleaning solutions.



12/13/2007 3:51:06 PM
proudmommy said:

I am happy cleaning with a vinegar/water solution, because I have 2 small babies at home. I don't want them breathing in bleach fumes every time I clean. Vinegar is good to use on counter tops and on your windows. It's better than using amonia based cleaners any day I think.
That's just my opinion.


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