Green Living Options-Vote With Your Dollar

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What can I do to help my green living causes?

Green Living Options-Vote With Your Dollar

One of the best green living tools any consumer has is the power to support green-friendly companies and projects though choices in the marketplace. Voting with your dollar means making an informed purchase--researching your favorite food manufacturers to see just how green friendly they may or may not be. Spending your money on companies that are actively involved in green issues is a very important part of influencing the marketplace towards green business practices.

There are times when you and your community will find a larger issue which needs to be addressed beyond the individual's choice at the checkout counter-you may decide to organize a boycott or demonstration. This requires a bit of organization in your neighborhood or community, but the results are often worth the effort. If you need to go this route, it is very important to get in touch with your local law enforcement groups to learn what you might need in order to stay on the right side of the law with your boycott or protest.

Many communities require permits or written permission to hold a public demonstration, strike, or protest. By learning your local laws you can not only stage your activity without fear of being arrested, but you may also receive police protection in some cases as you exercise your constitutional rights.



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