Computer Recycling

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What can I do with my old computer besides throwing it away?

Computer Recycling

Computers, cell phones, remote controls and other devices containing circuitry are often tossed into landfills and forgotten. This is not the most green friendly way to go, especially when it comes to monitors and video displays, which may contain chemicals that can seep into the groundwater.

Instead of throwing away those old computers, donation is a very earth friendly alternative. Schools, local charities and churches are always in need of more computers, accessories, monitors and spare parts. Many thrift stores are eager to get computer donations, and larger operations may even feature free pickup from your home or office.

Before getting rid of your old television, do a quick search of the phone directory to see whether local hospitals or nursing homes could use a donation.

There are so many green alternatives to simply throwing away your old electronics that sending them to a landfill seems particularly wasteful. An excellent resource to help you find a new home for old electronics is, which is dedicated to helping people both acquire and donate a wide variety of goods.



8/29/2008 5:33:38 PM
Uncle B said:

Instead of throwing away my old computer I downloaded 'Ubuntu" a free system on the net. With this smaller system my old box performed admirally! We use it often, no more fighting over computer time and for most small jobs and all the letter writing it performs well. Some folks only use this system! If you know a disadvantaged child or family, this combination would be an ideal donation. It does'nt play games well, but it does everything else in great fashion.


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