Make An Energy Friendly Home Office

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How do I make my home office more energy friendly?

Make An Energy Friendly Home Office

If you have a home office, then you have might have a great deal of office equipment – phones, fax machines, computers, and copiers. Using products like incandescent lighting and equipment without the Energy Star backing means that you're using equipment that doesn't create the most energy friendly home office. To help create a greener environment in your home office and help save in utility costs, try making a few changes to your work area. Try these energy friendly home office suggestions:

• Use Energy Star light fixtures and light bulbs. You'll use over 65% less energy, generate 70% less heat, and your lighting will last ten times as long.

• Leaving your monitor on the screen saver doesn't actually save energy. However, using a monitor with an Energy Star label will.

• Use office equipment with the Energy Star label, whether you're using a fax machine, copier, or computer.



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