Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening

What is organic gardening? It is gardening without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on the plants. But, it is much more than this. Organic gardening is creating a whole natural system encompassing plants, water, soil, wildlife and insects. An organic gardener aims to work in harmony within the system while minimizing and replenishing the resources used. The soil is the starting point in the organic garden. Gardeners continuously add local organic matter to the ground such as grass clippings and vegetable kitchen scraps. These items help add nutrients to the soil important in growing your plants. Encourage natural predators of harmful garden bugs to roam freely in your plot. Frogs, birds, lizards and even ladybugs will help control pests. Make your garden an environment for these creatures. By doing this you help eliminate the need for pesticides and further harm to the environment. Water only when needed. Over watering can damage plants. Collect rainwater to use as watering. This is a great way to recycle natures showers.



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