Pest Control Without Chemicals

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Pest Control Without Chemicals

Wouldn't it be nice to keep pests away from your plants and flowers outside without using pesticides that contaminate the ground? There are natural options to consider. Natural controls: Natural predators such as birds, toads and frogs dine on insects. Purple Martins love insects, as do bats. You can install a Purple Martin house near your gardens to welcome these helpers. Bugs including ladybugs, spiders, dragonflies, centipedes and ground beetles will feed on many of the garden pests. By Hand: Handpick or use a spade or hoe to pick and cut up weeds. Use natural mulch to help eliminate the growth of weeds. You can also pick pests from your plants or use a swatter. Set traps to control rodents and large bugs. These suggestions help you raise a natural garden eliminating the need for fertilizers and pesticides.



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