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Wetlands are the transition between land and water. These areas are where the flow of water, the mixture of nutrients and the sun's energy collect to develop an ecosystem of water, soil and vegetation. There are four types of wetlands in the United States (marshes, swamps, bogs and fens). These areas provide a home for thousands of animal, bird, aquatic and plant species. Not only are they the habitat for wildlife, they provide flood control when rivers overrun. Wetlands absorb some of the overflow and slow floodwaters. It is estimated that the United States loses nearly 60,000 acres of wetlands eliminating the habitat for many creatures and is creating greater flooding. The Environmental Protection Agency is working to provide protection for wetlands and is working with other agencies and organizations to further protect, monitor and even restore wetlands.



7/1/2007 4:56:37 AM
Hope said:

Now more than ever before, with urban spread and in my opinion.. unnecessary building when recycling the old is the best choice, everyone needs to educate, and retrain thieir thinking to a "GREENER" way of life>> BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! and our wonderful array of species are lost FOREVER. With the human species as the only surviving species... we will then be next.
What goes around ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes around.
Let's ALL band together as one complete human family of OUR PLANET EARTH, and protect, preserve, promote,and educate the uninformed to the new and improved way of thinking and life for ALL LIFE'S SAKE.


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