Drive Intelligently

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Drive Intelligently

Living green does not necessarily mean going out and buying a hybrid car; you can reduce your energy and gas consumption without having to buy a whole new vehicle by being a conscious driver.

Combine errands: As much as you can, combine your errands to reduce the amount of driving you're doing overall. Also, look for the shortest route between point A and point B by checking a map or looking up directions on the Internet.

Carpool: The fewer cars on the road, the better. See if you can ride-share with people that work with you, or even people that work around you. You'll be saving on gas and reducing pollution at the same time.

Use human-energy transportation: When you're just running out to the grocery store for a few items, try taking your bike or walking. You can carry a large string or cloth sack, or a backpack, to put your groceries in to carry them back home. You'll also be doing something good for your body!

Take the bus: While not all cities have extensive subway or train systems, almost all cities do have a bus line. Check the schedule and see if there's a bus stop by you, and if it goes to work, school, or other places you frequent. Paying a buck or two for bus fare is a lot cheaper than paying two to three bucks for a gallon of gas.



5/28/2008 4:47:19 PM
The Green Room said:

Now with the price of gas carpool is the best alternative for those who can not rely on public transportation and in some cases, it can be the most flexible. I recommend carpool to anyone who hasn't tried it before. Most employers or county agencies will even offer some incentive or a Guaranteed Ride Home if you need it when you carpool!


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