Preparing to Travel

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Preparing to Travel

Before you go on vacation, there are several steps you can take to help out the environment in your own home. Use this checklist the next time you go on vacation and you'll be conserving energy, water, and keeping your bills lower.

• Stop delivery of your newspaper. Are you really going to read all those old issues? Save paper by canceling your subscription while on vacation
• Make sure all lights are off and the air conditioning/furnace is on an appropriate setting. If you want to leave a light on, invest in a timer that you can hook a lamp to that turns the light on only at night (or at the times you designate)
• Turn off your water. There's no need to have the water on while you're gone, especially for a long period of time. In the winter, especially, pipes can freeze and break, and it's not only ecologically sound, but common sense to turn off the water
• If you don't turn off the water, make sure all faucets are in good repair and not leaking, and none of your toilets run; leaky toilets and faucets can add up to a lot of wasted water while you're gone
• If it's summer, keep the blinds or curtains drawn to keep the house cooler. In winter, leave windows open for the natural sunlight to warm the house

If you follow this simple checklist, you can rest easier while on vacation that you're helping the environment – and your home utility bills!



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