Six Ways You Can Employ Water Conservation In The Home

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How do I conserve water in the home?

Six Ways You Can Employ Water Conservation In The Home

Water. We use it for a lot of things – washing clothes, doing the dishes, drinking, taking a shower, and flushing the toilet. But just how much water does the average household use a day? In Southern California, for example, the average household uses 384 gallons of water per day. However, by employing some water conservation strategies, homeowners can save gallons of water. Here are six ways you can employ water conservation in the home.

  1. Use ultra-low-flush toilets. The older models can put five to seven gallons of water down the drain – literally. However, with an ultra-low-flush toilet, at just 1.6 gallons a flush, you can save anywhere from 8,000 to over 20,000 gallons of water a year.
  2. Use appliances with the Energy Star label. For instance, a dishwasher with an Energy Star label typically only uses 4 gallons per load as compared to a non-Energy Star dishwasher, which uses about 6 gallons per load.
  3. If you wash dishes by hand, keep in mind that you could be using 5,000 more gallons of water a year. So think about letting the dishwasher do the work instead.
  4. Don't turn on the water when it's not necessary. This includes avoiding leaving the water on while you're brushing your teeth or scrubbing the dishes before rinsing.
  5. Load up on all your washing appliances. For instance, do laundry when you've got a full load to put in the washer and do the dishes when you've got a full load to put in the dishwasher.
  6. Use a broom for the driveway instead of the hose. It may be easier to turn on the water and spray everything down, but you'll save water by using a broom and sweeping away all the debris.



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