Renewable Energy And Non-Renewable Energy: What's The Difference?

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What is the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy?

Renewable Energy And Non-Renewable Energy: What's The Difference?

You're probably aware that some energy sources are more environmentally friendly than others. And you've probably heard of renewable energy. Here's a basic rundown on the difference between the two types of energy sources.

Any energy source that you can readily replenish falls under the category of renewable energy. These energy sources include wind, solar, biomass, water, and geothermal energy sources.

On the other hand, non-renewable energy sources are those which we are currently using up at a rapid rate and are not able to replenish easily. These energy sources include oil, nuclear, coal, and natural gas sources.

Unfortunately, the non-renewable energy sources, which are still so prevalently used today, tend to have a negative effect on our planet. Coal-burning power plants can release mercury into the air that invades our rivers and lakes. Burning fossil fuels creates pollutants in our environment and contributes to global warming.



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