How Energy Efficient Appliances Can Have An Impact On Your Home

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What impact do energy efficient appliances have on my household?

How Energy Efficient Appliances Can Have An Impact On Your Home

Thanks to the availability of energy efficient appliances on the market, there's little reason why you couldn't add one to your home. From washers to refrigerators, energy efficient appliances can save energy as well as save you money. The key is to look for an appliance that has the Energy Star label.

Appliances with the Energy Star label must meet specific criteria that make it better for the environment. For instance, you could save an average of $50 in water bills each year by using an Energy Star clothes washer. You could also be saving 7,000 gallons of water a year with one of these energy efficient appliances. An Energy Star refrigerator uses 40% less energy than those without the label, helping to lessen the pollution in the environment.



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