What Constitutes Eco Furniture?

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What materials are used in eco furniture?

What Constitutes Eco Furniture?

Eco furniture is a growing trend in the retail furniture industry. So what exactly constitutes eco furniture? In general, look for materials that are readily available or recycled. And look for furniture made with minimal use of toxic chemicals.

In upholstered furniture, the materials can include organically grown cotton. If the furniture is made of wood, stick to those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which has created guidelines for sustainable foresting. Materials abundant in the area where furniture is manufactured help make the pieces more eco-friendly. For instance, in Indonesia, furniture makers that use banana leaves, wicker, and rattan are making use of abundant natural resources. One material often used by green furniture makers is soybeans for the foam cushions in furniture.



5/7/2008 10:34:41 AM
Eco Furniture said:

To add to the list, one of the most eco friendly material to use for furniture is bamboo. Bamboos make sturdy and beautiful furniture and their growth is easily sustained. They require less land and less resources to product compare to most woods used in furniture. Another great alternative for patio furniture is to use pollywood. Pollywood is made from recycled wood chips that is stronger than regular wood and are especially rain resistant...making them perfect for the outdoors.


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