Finding Natural Skin Care That Works For You

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Are natural skin care products USDA regulated?

Finding Natural Skin Care That Works For You

Today's market has plenty of companies touting their natural skin care lines. But before you take the leap and purchase an item, keep in mind that natural skin care products might not be as pure as you think. While the USDA regulates food items, they don't regulate personal care items like skin care products. So although that organic soap you're eyeing could indeed be "all natural," take into account that beauty products have some discretion when it comes to what they list on their ingredients.

If you want to purchase a truly natural product, it's important to take a closer look at the product manufacturer before you buy. Remember too that skin care products don't work for every skin type. If you often have allergic reactions, for example, even a hypoallergenic cleanser could irritate your skin if its ingredients aren't compatible with your sensitivities.



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