What's Old Is New Again

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What is different about organic baby food from regular baby food?

What's Old Is New Again

Disposable diapers have raised concerns among many environmentally-aware parents recently. Here are some sobering facts about disposable diapers:

•Absorbing Gelling Materials (AGM) in diapers have been linked to diaper dermatitis.
•Disposable diapers contain trace amounts of Dioxin as a result of bleaching. According to the EPA, Dioxin is a carcinogenic chemical.
•The third most frequent item in landfills is disposable diapers.

If you're looking for ways to keep your child green, one option is organic baby cloth diapers. While many retailers are now selling biodegradable disposable diapers, the fact remains that most landfills are airtight, and even “green” diapers cannot biodegrade in such conditions. Advocates for cloth diapers say they are softer than plastic ones and medical research suggests cloth-diaper babies have fewer instances of diaper rash and irritation than their disposable-diaper counterparts.

While there is nothing new about cloth diapers, many eco-conscious parents now have the option of mixing old and new: the reusable cloth diapers of yester-year with the modern day convenience of cloth-diaper cleaning services.

Bonus Tip: To search for nappy laundry services in your area, visit the National Association for Diaper Services at: www.diapernet.org/locate.htm.



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