Moving Into The Future With Green Technology

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How can I use green technology?

Moving Into The Future With Green Technology

Green technology can include various techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning supplies. Solar technology is just one way that green technology can be used to create electricity and emit less greenhouse gas emissions. Solar technology is often used to heat buildings during the colder months of the year. Solar technology can also be used to generate electricity or to create natural illumination which can create a substantial savings on electric bills for both businesses and homeowners. The first step someone who is considering solar panels should take is to evaluate their current energy usage so they know how to begin becoming a zero energy user. Once this is done, but before solar panels are installed, energy efficient light bulbs should be installed. The building should also be checked to make sure it has sufficient insulation. If not, there are green insulation alternatives available and proper insulation should be installed before adding solar technology to the building. Green technology is being used for individual items as well such as printers made from corn and laptop bags with solar panels. The idea behind these bags is that the solar panels will charge the laptop battery thus eliminating the need to plug the laptop in. There is also a backpack option with solar panels. The laptop and backpacks are made out of recycled soda bottles and can charge a number of small electronic devices such as MP3 players, cameras and cell phones.



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