Renewable Energy Sources.

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How is renewable energy beneficial to mankind?

Renewable Energy Sources.

Renewable energy sources are valuable to the environment, offer health benefits, economic benefits and even educational benefits. The benefits of solar energy are the same as those of renewable energy sources. Solar panels generate heat, light and electricity. Solar energy provides numerous economic benefits such as superior lighting at no cost because instead of using artificial lighting you use the natural light from the sun. The use of solar panels allows locations where there is not electricity to benefit from solar energy. The environmental benefits of solar energy include air pollution reduction, a reduction in non-renewable energy reliance, and helps offset greenhouse gases. Solar heating, while doing all of the above also has health benefits. Solar heating helps reduce kerosene fires because there is no need for kerosene to be stored for heating purposes, it improves the indoor air quality, especially if the family had been using kerosene previously for heating and increases the quality of health at facilities that use solar energy because of the effects of brighter lighting.

In rural communities the benefits of solar energy also lead to better education opportunities because it allows evening classes to be held. Solar energy also gives people a chance to read and study after dark and facilitates wireless data and telephone communications. Solar energy, which relies on the sun for power, is just one of many renewable energy sources that are readily available today for home and business consumers to use in place of non-renewable energy resources. Learning to use renewable energy sources today will make for a better tomorrow.



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