Purchase Carbon Credits

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Why is Al Gore purchasing carbon credits?

Purchase Carbon Credits

With the threat of global warming on the horizon, many are trying to find ways to lessen the impact that industry has upon the atmosphere. One way to attempt this change is to limit how much greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide in particular, a facility may release into the atmosphere. Each facility is then assigned a limit, otherwise known as carbon credits, that is determined by the size of the facilities and what is produced at the facilities. With limits being placed upon the amount of carbon dioxide gas a facility may release to the atmosphere, there will be some companies that will be unable to achieve the goal of staying under the limit. Since the ultimate goal for using carbon credits is for the entire world as a whole to lower their emissions of greenhouse gasses not just individual facilities, these companies will have the opportunity to adjust their actual limit with the purchase of carbon credits. These extra credits come from companies who are able to stay under their assigned carbon credit limit. Like any other commodity, carbon credits have a price per unit. New companies have even shown up to sell carbon credits to individual people so they can offset their own carbon credit usage. Al Gore, known for his work on informing others about the dangers of global warming, purchases carbon credits himself to serve as an example. These Al Gore carbon credits are then used to cover the amount of carbon dioxide released by the vehicles that he uses during his travels over the world.



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