Create a better environment by walking instead of driving.

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Why is it better to walk instead of drive?

Create a better environment by walking instead of driving.

Wether you are at home or on an ecotourism vacation, one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get from one place to another is to walk. Choosing to walk instead of drive on short trips helps local communities as well as your personal budget. Vehicles can be expensive to operate in addition to not being very environmentally friendly. Another advantage of walking, especially when on an ecotourism vacation, is that you will see sights that you might miss in a vehicle. When you walk in your own neighborhood you have more of a chance to interact with your neighbors and other people who may be out walking. Choosing to purchase goods and services within walking distance helps boost the local economy and the sight of more people walking helps create a sense of safety. Areas that are known to be full of pedestrians typically do not have the rush of traffic that non-pedestrian roads might have. This is another plus for the community because areas where people can be seen out walking help to attract new business which in turn will create more jobs. Walking also reduces the need for road maintenance costs and parking lots. As the need for parking areas decreases, the lots can be used for something more sustainable such as a neighborhood garden or park. It has been found that people who walk are generally in better physical and mental health, which reduces the stress on health care services. Choosing to walk instead of drive when possible creates advantages for everyone and is a great way to help your neighborhood become environmentally friendly.



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