Choose a hotel that is environmentally friendly.

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How do I find a hotel that is truely environmentally friendly?

Choose a hotel that is environmentally friendly.

Environmentally conscious consumers can make a difference when they travel by choosing a hotel that is environmentally friendly. There are a growing number of green hotels to choose from today and offer all the services that a regular hotel would normally offer, but do so in a more environmentally friendly way. One way that some hotels are becoming environmentally friendly is by using renewable energy resources such as biomass, solar or wind power and excluding fossil fuels as a power source included in their choice of hotel transportation for guests. Many green hotels offer free transportation to various destinations in and around town using vehicles that run on alternative fuels. Some hotels offer bulk amenities such as soap instead of individual packages which cuts down on the hotels landfill contributions. For those who prefer not to use bulk amenities there is always the option of bringing your own. For items such as paper plates that are disposable there is a biodegradable option that is more environmentally friendly than the typical plates. The use of organic towels and linens is another aspect of an environmentally friendly hotel because organic products don't use petrochemicals. Many hotels have restaurants in them, in green hotels you will find restaurants that serve eco-friendly food such as organically grown food, or food that is locally harvested. By choosing a hotel that is environmentally friendly when you go on vacation you can help the environment and send a message to others that green is the way to go, at home or on vacation.



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