Choose an environmentally friendly vacation location.

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How do I find an ecotourism vacation?

Choose an environmentally friendly vacation location.

There are a great number of ways to choose an environmentally friendly location for a vacation or even as a permanent home. There are many ecotourism destination spots where horse drawn vehicles are the way of life. This is a very environmentally friendly way to experience ecofriendly travel adventures. Other great ideas for travel adventures include taking a sailing vacation using a sail boat instead of a fuel powered watercraft. Hiking is a great way to take a green vacation. There are numerous hiking destinations where everyone gathers in one spot and then are taken as a group to the destination where the hike or other activity will begin. Other than the vehicle there are no other motorized vehicles in the area. Camping is one of the best environmentally friendly options for a green vacation because it saves on carbon emissions plus it gives everyone the chance to observe nature and wildlife. Day trips are a great idea especially if you can walk or ride a bicycle to the destination. Even if you have to use conventional transportation for some leg of the trip that does not mean you can't take your bike along or walk part way. Other great ideas for a day trip include helping a local organization plant trees or visiting a local recycling facility, both are great ways to show the impact of ecotourism. If you do leave town look for a green hotel to stay in. Instead of driving the family car remember that mass transportation is a more ethical travel option. Depending on where you live and where you are going there might even be a green transportation alternative. Many travel agencies are also offering complete vacation destinations with ethical travel options and a conservation focused theme.



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