Water Conservation Techniques.

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How can I conserve water?

Water Conservation Techniques.

Water conservation is cost-effective and environmentally sound. There are many areas where you can practice water conservation. One of the biggest ways to save money and water outside the home is to plant a xeriscape garden or choose native plants. These plants can provide just as much color, attract more local wildlife and are environmentally friendly. Don't water your grass as long as it springs back when you step on it and if you must water, use a hose not a sprinkler. If you must use a sprinkler be sure it is set so that it is not watering the street or other concrete areas. Set up rain buckets to catch as much rainwater as you can so when you have to water you can use rainwater instead. Another great way to save water is to replace leaking faucets and joints. Keeping your home plumbing in good shape can eliminate leaks thus saving money in the long run. While you are fixing your plumbing be sure to install water saving shower heads or flow restrictors these can save as much as eight hundred gallons of water per month. Wait for full loads of laundry and dishes before running these automatic machines. Another great way to conserve water is to turn off the hose when washing a vehicle. Instead of washing down your driveway or other cement area with a hose, use a broom. Water conservation is environmentally friendly. It is the key to our future. We need to conserve this precious resource now so there will be plenty of water for future generations.



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