Home Energy Conservation

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What is home energy conservation and how does it affect me?

Home Energy Conservation

Home energy conservation can save as much as forty percent a year on electric bill costs. Having a home that is energy efficient is healthy for the environment. If you are considering building a new home choose a home that is sun tempered super insulated. If you already own your home or are planning to buy an older home there are still ways you can practice home energy conservation. Since almost thirty-eight percent of a homes energy usage goes to heating, install some solar heat panels, or if that is not a possibility turn your thermostat down to sixty-five degrees. If that seems a bit cold to you then bundle up in blankets, wear sweaters or a house robe (just like Mom told you!) When you leave the house turn the thermostat back to fifty degrees. If you are on a set schedule it might be a good idea to purchase an automatic thermostat that will do this for you. Close off rooms that are not in use and be sure to close shades and curtains as soon as the sun begins to set. Clean or replace heating and air conditioning filters every other week. When winterizing your home be sure to caulk all leaks around windows or doors, seal holes where electrical wire, plumbing or duct work enter the house and replace old drafty windows with new ones. Teach children to turn lights or other electronic gadgets off when they leave a room and to take the time to make sure the water faucets are turned off when they finish with them. Home energy conservation should be everyone's responsibility.



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