Bike Commuting Tips

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Why should I consider bike commuting?

Bike Commuting Tips

Bike commuting instead of driving a car or taking public transportation is an easy way to make your daily commute greener. Bike commuting will help improve your health and make the community you live in a better place. Bicycles do not produce pollution and don't consume fossil fuel. The exercise, plus the fact that road rage is not a concern among bicyclists, are just two of the ways a bike commute can benefit your health. You may be concerned that you cannot get where you need to go by bike commuting, but luckily that problem can be solved too. Many forms of public transportation now have bike racks on their vehicles for the convenience of their customers who wish to ride a bicycle on part of their destination. Many cities also have bike paths, allowing bicyclists a safe place to ride. Bike commuting allows you to avoid high gas prices, expensive car payments and traffic delays. When bike commuting, it is wise to relearn bicycle safety tips as well as to get safety gear such as gloves and helmets. There are even special commuter bicycles being manufactured that are specially designed for bike commuting. Bike commuting has economical advantages as well. Depending on where you live and how far you travel daily you can save up to seventy-five hundred dollars a year by riding a bicycle instead of driving. If you do own a vehicle think of the wear and tear you will save on it by riding a bicycle and saving it for those trips where you need a vehicle.



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