Outdoor Weddings

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Where is a good place for outdoor weddings?

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings in a garden, on a beach or any other scenic place are great ways to let others know how much you care about the environment. It is best to plan outdoor weddings during the early morning hours or right at sunset so there is enough natural light that you won't need artificial lighting during the ceremony. That is also the time of the day when the heat will be less intense. When choosing a garden site for an environmentally friendly outdoor wedding ask if the garden is organically grown. There are many scenic places where chemicals are taboo. With outdoor weddings, there is no reason not to have an outdoor reception too. However it is important to make sure guests pick up after themselves. While outdoor weddings may not be as glamorous as indoor weddings where every inch of the church is filled with elaborate decorations, outdoor weddings can still be very nice! Instead of having bouquets of cut flowers, choose a location where the flowers grow naturally. If you choose your own yard or that of someone you know you can custom design the garden for your wedding and continue to enjoy it for years to come. Other great choices for outdoor weddings are places that are not used much anymore such as the site of an old chapel or a gazebo. These make great places for weddings. Before choosing a site like this be sure to check and see if it is ok and what the cost to rent it is. Outdoor weddings can greatly cut down on the cost and the pollution associated with traditional weddings.



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