Recyclable Invitations

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What are recyclable invitations?

Recyclable Invitations

Wedding invitations made with recycled paper are all the rage with couples who are planning an environmentally friendly wedding. After all what better way is there to let your guests know that you care about the planet than sending recycled invitations? For the couple who wishes to take it one step further there are recyclable invitations that are designed with flowers, seeds and petals which are actually part of the paper. The unique aspect to these invitations is that the paper can be planted in the garden of the guest after the wedding is over. Instead of having piles of paper lying around that will eventually end up in the landfill, the guest will have a nice flower patch that will remind them of the wedding for years to come. An advantage to the couple is if there are extra recyclable invitations left over they can plant them as well. For those who don't want to use paper for their invitations there are tree free papers made from recycled post consumer fibers. Be sure to ask if the recycled paper and post consumer fiber is chlorine free. Another way to save on paper is to skip the formal RSVP and encourage guests to call or email their reservations. Recyclable invitations are natural and eco-friendly. They are the perfect invitation for a celebration that is meant to be environmentally friendly. Finally, have information printed on your recyclable invitations or programs to tell guests what to do with them when the wedding is over. This is also a good opportunity to add information to the recyclable invitations and programs on your environmental beliefs or favorite environmentally friendly websites.



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