Herbal Remedies For Pets.

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Why use herbal remedies for pets?

Herbal Remedies For Pets.

Administering home remedies for pets is nothing new. Pet owners have been helping their pets when they are ill or hurt by using home remedies for years. Herbal remedies for pets are not new either, they are just becoming more mainstream. Many veterinarians are now using natural alternative methods of healing the animals they are working with. Many pet owners are applauding the fact that their veterinarian approves the use of herbal remedies for pets. It is important to note when using herbal remedies for pets, or using home remedies for pets, that you seek the guidance of a qualified veterinarian so you don't treat the wrong problem or miss an underlying cause. Do not give your pet fresh herbs as they cannot digest them like humans do. Making a tincture or a tea for your pet is best. Herbal teas for pets need to be stronger than what you would drink. It is also important to consider your pet's weight when administering herbal remedies for pets and break the dose up into several smaller does that can be administered throughout the day. Herbal remedies for pets should not be given longer than a week. If your pet is not healed, you can wait two weeks and try again, or choose a conventional form of medicine. If your pet has a severe problem that could be life threatening, conventional medicine will work faster and should be your first choice. You can follow up conventional medicine with herbal or home remedies.



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