Holistic Pet Care.

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What are the advantages of holistic pet care.

Holistic Pet Care.

Approaching your pets skin and coat problems using holistic pet care is a great way to insure a satisfactory outcome. In addition to holistic pet skin and coat products a high quality diet consisting of holistic pet foods or organic pet foods that contain fewer grains and animal products can help you achieve holistic pet care. Holistic pet skin and coat products may contain items that provide immune support, essential fatty acids such as the omega fatty acids, antioxidants, kelp, vitamins and minerals, as well as fish oil. These ingredients not only promote a healthy immune system but also promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. In addition to holistic pet skin and coat products you can purchase, try holistic grooming. Holistic grooming is a great form of holistic pet care and can benefit both you and your pet. Start with a pure, organic shampoo that has been enriched with herbs, vegetable proteins and pure essential oils and a bristle brush. When shampooing your pet, massage their coat with your finger tips to help them relax, and be sure to use warm water. When you are finished, use apple cider vinegar to give your pets coat a final rinse and help balance the pH of your pets skin. The rinse should contain 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to one pint of warm water. In the event your pet already has skin problems you can follow the apple cider rinse with an herbal tea designed to help clear up the problem. Once your pets coat is dry, be sure to use the natural bristle brush to groom your pet daily.



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