Health Benefits Of Organic Foods.

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What are some health benefits of organic foods?

Health Benefits Of Organic Foods.

An essential part of good health is eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemical additives. In various studies, organic foods have shown higher nutritional values making them a better choice for dietary health. Organic foods are made the way nature intended and have not been genetically engineered or modified. Another advantage of organic foods is that they have not been irradiated like their conventional counterparts. Radiation is used to give fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life. Since most organic farms are smaller in scale than conventional farms, it is easier to find locally grown produce. Many grocery stores now stock local fruits and vegetables. These can usually be identified by a sign stating that is was locally grown. Another place to find organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown locally is a farmers market. If your town doesn't already have one, look for one in a neighboring town. Produce that has been produced locally helps sustain the local economy. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are fresher which makes them taste better and are picked when they ripen instead of being picked ahead of time. Organic foods that are locally grown are good for the environment too. Instead of being put on a truck and shipped across the country, they are transported a short distance which saves on greenhouse gas emissions. While the selection may not be as great as the conventional counterparts since most organic fresh fruits and vegetables are available by season, your body will adjust and become more in tune with each season as time passes.



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