How To Choose Health Food.

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Which health foods should I buy?

How To Choose Health Food.

Health foods today are more than just good for you, they taste good too. Organic foods provide more nutrients than their conventional counterparts. The closer to the natural state the food is, the healthier it is. Raw nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables are all healthy foods that can satisfy your snack cravings as well as be a great addition to a meal. Instead of eating a slice of apple pie, eat a raw apple. When cooking vegetables the best way to prepare them is to steam them so they retain most of their nutritional value. Adding a variety of different colored vegetables is a good idea. For example the most common color of a carrot is orange but did you know there are red, white, purple and yellow carrots? Yellow carrots have been found to contain xanthophylls. Xanthophylls contribute to eye health. Because the yellow carrots contain more xanthophylls than their orange counterparts, a yellow carrot would be the better choice for eye health. Red carrots contain more lycopene which is linked to heart health and purple carrots contain anthocyanins which are powerful antibiotics that can guard the body against free radicals. When it comes to baked goods such as breads or pastas, choose ones made with organic whole grains. Whole grains are much healthier than processed grains. For protein choose fish, chicken or lean meat. When preparing meat bake it at a moderate temperature instead of frying it. Fresh meat and seafood is healthier than processed meats which contain saturated fat and nitrates.



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