Solar Homes

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How can I make my home an environmentally friendly home?

Solar Homes

A great way to green your existing home is to install solar panels. Environmentally friendly homes are all the rage these days. Green real estate is a rapidly increasing market due to the growing demand of the health conscious and ecology minded set. Installing solar panels and solar lighting outdoors will not only make your home environmentally friendly now but will add value and savings for years to come. Right now there are numerous tax rebates and other incentives available to help offset the cost of greening your home. If you are looking to green your yard or garden, solar lights are a great way to begin. Solar lights come on when the sun goes down and last through the night. There are many different varieties of solar lights on the market including solar spot lights for areas where more lighting is needed. Best of all solar lights do not require electricity. Other ways to create green real estate is with the addition of solariums and sky light windows. The more natural light a building gets, the less need there is for lighting powered by fossil fuels. Solariums are great places to relax, especially during the winter months, and growing a few plants will help improve the air quality of your home. Solariums are also great for collecting heat from the sun. Because these buildings are generally attached to your home they can help lower your heating bill. Converting your existing home to an environmentally friendly, green home is something you and your family can feel good about.



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