Eco Furniture

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What is eco furniture?

Eco Furniture

Eco furniture like eco fashion is catching on like wildfire among environmentally conscious consumers. Eco furniture is made from sustainable materials such as natural plant fibers, recycled materials and unbleached wool. Some of the natural plant fibers include bamboo, natural reeds and grasses. The wood in eco furniture is sustainably harvested. Although most eco furniture is higher in price than its traditional counterpart, if you look around you will find some mid-priced eco furniture. Purchasing eco furniture for your home is a great way to detox it. Organic bedding is a great place to start. Organic mattresses are generally made from wool or natural latex. Studies have shown that replacing normal bedding with organic bedding can provide relief from allergies, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), skin problems and may even reduce the risk of SIDS. When you use organic bedding it will benefit the environment and ensure your body is free from the chemical residues found in most conventional cotton bedding products. Conventional cotton growth is dependant on herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. Knowing this you can begin to understand why choosing organic cotton is not only better for your health but better for the environment. Organic sheets and blankets are generally made of cotton or hemp. When converting to organic bedding don't forget to choose new pillows. You can find organic pillows in a variety of organic materials including wool and bamboo. Organic bedding and eco furniture are great ways to green your home and let others know that you care about the environment.



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