Energy Saving Heaters

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What are some options for energy saving heaters?

Energy Saving Heaters

When it comes to energy saving heaters, newer is indeed better. With advances in technology traditional energy efficient heaters are possible. Proper and regular maintenance is a necessity energy saving heaters. Clean filters and maintained furnaces with thermostats on a wall that does not get drafts are all ways to save. Filters should be removed and cleaned or replaced every two weeks for maximum efficiency. Furnaces should be maintained once a year in the fall before they are started for the first time. Models over ten years old should be evaluated and replaced. For those looking for a green alternative, solar panels make great energy saving heaters. From homemade panels that can reduce heating costs to actual installed pre-made solar air space heating panels that can practically eliminate the need for traditional methods of heating that require fossil fuels there are numerous options out there. There is also a solar heating, ventilation and domestic hot water solution called the solar furnace for those seeking real energy saving heaters for their home. It is a hybrid heating system that also uses natural gas or propane. In tests it has been shown to lower heating and electricity bills by as much as sixty percent. Solar air space heating is another option that requires no electricity. Its effectiveness depends on how much air is actually passing through the solar panels as well as the amount of sun it receives. Making the change to energy saving heaters, rather they are traditional or solar powered is a great way to help green the environment.



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