Energy Efficient Appliances.

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What are the best energy efficient appliances?

Energy Efficient Appliances.

There are many benefits to energy efficient appliances from tax benefits to green appliances manufacturers to monetary savings for consumers. Energy efficient appliances are the wave of the future. When replacing or purchasing new appliances for the first time be sure to look for the energy star rating. This rating says the appliance you are buying is indeed an energy efficient appliance. Replacing your old appliances with new energy efficient appliances also helps eliminate pollution since most of the energy we power our home with comes from power plants which burn fossil fuels. There are also incentives in place to convince people to do away with the old and buy new energy efficient appliances such as tax benefits, cash rebates and low interest loans. Many local utility companies offer savings or know of special incentives available to their customers who choose to upgrade to energy efficient appliances. When your new appliances arrive, don't just toss your old ones away, recycle them. If they are still in working condition donate them to a local charity or put them up on Even though they may not be the most energy efficient model out there, it is better to recycle than to dump them. There are people who will haul away old appliances for the metal. The last place you want them to go is the local landfill. Also remember that these rules apply to more than just a washer, dryer, stove or refrigerator. The same rules apply to computers and other electronic components, which are also available with energy star ratings.



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