Organic Baby Clothing

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Why buy organic baby clothes?

Organic Baby Clothing

Parents who want the best for their babies are going green. From organic baby food to organic bedding and organic baby clothes, parents are choosing items that are environmentally friendly and healthier for their babies. Conventional cotton has been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, dyes or chlorine as well as a slew of other chemicals. Cotton is one of the most chemically dependant crops and is extremely hard on the environment. Traditional grown cotton accounts for twenty-five percent of the world's pesticide use. In the United States alone this comes to a total of fifty million pounds of pesticides. One traditional cotton t-shirt made with conventional cotton uses a quarter pound of chemicals and a single pair of jeans uses three-quarters of a pound of chemicals. Over twenty thousand deaths occur each year from pesticide poisonings. The World Health Organization says the majority of these deaths come from cotton farms. Armed with this knowledge it is no wonder parents are choosing organic clothing for their babies. Cotton is the world's favorite fabric and organic cotton is better for a baby's skin. Organic cotton typically doesn't affect people with sensitive skin the way regular cotton or other fabrics would. Skin is porous and a baby's skin is more porous than an adult's. Skin absorbs whatever is against it making organic baby clothing a much better choice since it is not grown or manufactured using harmful chemicals. Although organic baby clothing may cost more initially, organic baby clothing lasts longer than their conventional counterparts. Choosing to clothe your baby in organic baby clothing is a way to show how much you care for both your baby and the environment.



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Yes orcanic and had made clothing is the best.


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