What Types of Items are Made With Recycled Materials?

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How can we use recycled products?

What Types of Items are Made With Recycled Materials?

Recycled products are used to make other items. Newspapers, for example, can be used to make paper egg cartons, new writing papers, packaging and building insulation. Most communities have several locations with large metal dumpsters for newspaper drop off.

Steel food cans are recycled to make constructions beams, auto parts and appliances. There are steel scrap yards and certain companies that will take steel and other scrap metals; some may pay a small fee for the metal.

Aluminum cans can be recycled to produce new cans or even aluminum siding for houses. Some states have aluminum can machines that will crush the cans, weigh them and give you money for your cans.

Plastic bottles and milk jugs are used to make lawn furniture, plastic lumber and planting pots. Certain communities have programs where each household will have a specific bin to separate plastics from your regular trash.

Recycled glass containers may turn into decorative tiles, paving material or new glassware. Glass can be turned in at some grocery stores or there may be drop off points near your home.

These are just a few products that can be produced with recycled material and the resources are in high demand.



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