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How can I make my computer greener?

Green computing is great way to be environmentally responsible.

Green computing can be done in a number of ways, from conserving energy by turning your computer off when it is not in use or using the sleep mode on an energy star computer, to conserving resources such as paper and ink, and even by recycling old computer components. Green computing can save consumers as much as $125 per year on their electric bill and can eliminate extra emissions of pollutants, sulfur and carbon dioxide.

When it comes to ink and paper, opt for recycled paper. Many toner cartridges can be refilled or returned to stores for credit on your next purchase. Computer components can often become recycled computers that others less fortunate can get use out of at a discounted price. Donating your outdated computer components that work, or taking them to a recycling center that accepts electronics, will keep them out of the landfills. If you need to purchase new computers, printers, faxes or other office equipment look for equipment that is efficient and green. Look for the energy star rating. If you really don't need to own the equipment, look for a place to rent it. If possible, wait until green computers are available on the market. Several computer manufacturers are currently working on developing computers that are highly energy efficient and manufactured in a resource efficient, less polluting manner. They are also working on making computers that will be designed and built for eventual recycling. Green computing is an easy way to help conserve resources, lessen your dependence on fossil fuels and eliminate unnecessary emissions into the environment.

How can I make my business more environmentally friendly?

Ways To Create An Earth Friendly Business

Earth friendly businesses are always looking for ways to cut back on their usage of non-renewable resources. One way they can do this is by allowing their employees to work from home. Telecommuting benefits the environment in a number of ways, from preserving the environment to conserving energy. The first two areas where energy is conserved by telecommuting are associated with the transportation needs of the employee working from home. When transportation is not needed, fewer vehicles and less energy for the expansion of roadways, vehicle maintenance and repairs are needed. The second area of energy conservation that can be attained by telecommuting is in the area of electricity. Office buildings take more to heat, cool and light than the typical home. Working from home also makes effective use of an existing building instead of requiring a new facility be built. Telecommuting benefits the environment as well. Land use can be reduced because the need for highway expansion and new parking lots will not be as great. Eventually parking lots could become neighborhood gardens or parks, and highways could be downsized. Telecommuting benefits the air quality as well because pollution will decrease as fewer cars are driven. Besides allowing employees to telecommute, there are other ways to create an earth friendly business, such as taking advantage of green technology including solar and wind power, recycling and using recycled products, encouraging employees who must commute to work to ride a bicycle or walk and by asking that all office equipment be turned off when not in use.

How can I use green technology?

Moving Into The Future With Green Technology

Green technology can include various techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning supplies. Solar technology is just one way that green technology can be used to create electricity and emit less greenhouse gas emissions. Solar technology is often used to heat buildings during the colder months of the year. Solar technology can also be used to generate electricity or to create natural illumination which can create a substantial savings on electric bills for both businesses and homeowners. The first step someone who is considering solar panels should take is to evaluate their current energy usage so they know how to begin becoming a zero energy user. Once this is done, but before solar panels are installed, energy efficient light bulbs should be installed. The building should also be checked to make sure it has sufficient insulation. If not, there are green insulation alternatives available and proper insulation should be installed before adding solar technology to the building. Green technology is being used for individual items as well such as printers made from corn and laptop bags with solar panels. The idea behind these bags is that the solar panels will charge the laptop battery thus eliminating the need to plug the laptop in. There is also a backpack option with solar panels. The laptop and backpacks are made out of recycled soda bottles and can charge a number of small electronic devices such as MP3 players, cameras and cell phones.

What is eco friendly marketing?

Eco Friendly Marketing

Environmentally friendly marketing can save companies money, save resources and promote their business as being a good corporate citizen. Eco-friendly marketing is possible for all businesses if they first develop an environmental policy statement for their company and then appoint someone to see that the policy rules are followed through. Every employee should be a part of the green marketing strategy as well. Numerous green products are available today, so even if you use old-fashion methods of mailing, you can still use environmentally-friendly marketing. If you need to use envelopes with a clear window on them choose an envelope made with a corn film based window patch. Reducing the size of the envelope or using a postcard can help save resources as well. Many environmentally friendly marketing firms use only recycled paper and print their information on both sides of the sheet of paper. Another option is to use groundwood paper which uses a mechanical pulping process instead of the typical chemical process used to make paper. It also uses fifty percent fewer trees to make the same amount of paper. Another green marketing strategy that is catching on is paperless marketing. Many people prefer to shop online and receive email promotions instead of having their mail box filled with paper. Once you have made the move to environmentally friendly marketing be sure to let both your customer base and the media know that you are an environmentally friendly marketing company who is using green marketing strategies.

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