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What can I use my old roll-on deodorant bottles for?

Reusing Everyday Items

- Fill them with water to dampen stamps.
- Put your favorite cologne in one.
- Put liquid laundry detergent in one for pretreating stains.
- Fill with craft paints for easy application.

How can I turn my home into a green home?

10 ideas to turn a home into a green machine

1. Get a high-efficiency showerhead
2. Recycle water in your bathroom
3. Compost
4. Buy green power from your utility
5. Improve the efficiency of your existing hot-water heater
6. Use high-efficiency outdoor lighting
7. Replace high-use indoor lights with compact fluorescents or LEDs
8. Load up the washing machines
9. Drive smarter
10. Avoid waste of fast food and shopping

What are some eco-friendly ideas to help you save time and money?

10 Ways to Save More, Waste Less

1. Pack literless lunches- use reusable containers
2. Spend time scrubbing- make a paste of Baking Soda to remove food from pots & pans
3. Power down- set TV on a timer
4. Use smart products
5. Skip the dishwasher's dry cycle
6. Reduce waste
7. Cover up- water boils faster when there is a lid on it
8. Seal it in- lock the windows in your house to prevent leaks of hot or cool air
9. Don't sweat it- Baking Soda absorbs and fights odor
10. Light's out- turn off lights when you leave the home

How can I afford to live off-grid?

Off-Grid Living Requires a Different Mindset

Have you researched the technical aspects of off-grid living, only to become discouraged when you realized how much it would cost to generate the amount of electricity you're accustomed to using?

If you have an interest in off-grid living, start asking yourself what electrical appliances you could do without. Jettison every device in your house that generates heat for starters. Irons, toasters, clothes dryers, microwaves -- they're exorbitant to to support on an off-grid system. Then downsize your entertainment needs, and start thinking about things (like dish washing and sweeping) that you can easily do by hand.

It helps to make a list of what your basic physical requirements are. You begin with oxygen and water, then warmth and shelter and food, light and transportation and sanitation and entertainment. Of course, you can keep adding categories -- but the point is to actually stop and think about life's true necessities, separating what you genuinely need from what you're merely accustomed to.

Successful off-grid living does require investment: not only in an electrical system, but also in a changed set of lifestyle expectations.


Grocery Bag From an Old T-Shirt

Are you looking for a new way to carry your groceries or a second use for your favorite concert t-shirt.

Simply turn the t-shirt inside out and stich along the bottom hem. Now turn that t-shirt back and cut along the arm holes. You now have a one of a kind grocery shopping bag that will put those plastic grocery bags to shame.

How does health and fitness apply to alternative medicine?

Alternative Medicine

Every available approach to healing that does not fall within the realm of conventional Western medicine is considered to be a form of alternative medicine. Some examples of alternative medicine are homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicine. While many alternative medicine ideas are untested, others are centuries old and have proven themselves. Herbal medicine is a great example of a form of alternative medicine that has been practiced for centuries but whose cures are not proven thus they are not used in mainstream traditional medicine. Interestingly enough many of our pharmaceuticals are made by synthetically replicating plants natural healing properties. Many alternative medicine beliefs incorporate spiritual, metaphysical or religious ideas. Alternative medicine is popular because it covers ideas that traditional western medicine may not cover, in addition to allowing the person to take their health care into their own hands. Health and fitness certainly go together. Yoga is a very poplar way to maintain health and fitness these days even though it has been around for over five thousand years. Yoga is one alternative method of dealing with stress. Yoga allows you to improve flexibility and obtain peacefulness in the mind and body. Yoga and alternative medicine work well together because they both help you maintain health. Alternative medicine is often used to maintain a healthy body so you can avoid illness. Yoga can help with certain medical problems such as depression. Because it can prevent disorders and ailments plus helps to maintain health and fitness, yoga is often considered to be the best health insurance you can have.

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