Alternative Medicine

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How does health and fitness apply to alternative medicine?

Alternative Medicine

Every available approach to healing that does not fall within the realm of conventional Western medicine is considered to be a form of alternative medicine. Some examples of alternative medicine are homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicine. While many alternative medicine ideas are untested, others are centuries old and have proven themselves. Herbal medicine is a great example of a form of alternative medicine that has been practiced for centuries but whose cures are not proven thus they are not used in mainstream traditional medicine. Interestingly enough many of our pharmaceuticals are made by synthetically replicating plants natural healing properties. Many alternative medicine beliefs incorporate spiritual, metaphysical or religious ideas. Alternative medicine is popular because it covers ideas that traditional western medicine may not cover, in addition to allowing the person to take their health care into their own hands. Health and fitness certainly go together. Yoga is a very poplar way to maintain health and fitness these days even though it has been around for over five thousand years. Yoga is one alternative method of dealing with stress. Yoga allows you to improve flexibility and obtain peacefulness in the mind and body. Yoga and alternative medicine work well together because they both help you maintain health. Alternative medicine is often used to maintain a healthy body so you can avoid illness. Yoga can help with certain medical problems such as depression. Because it can prevent disorders and ailments plus helps to maintain health and fitness, yoga is often considered to be the best health insurance you can have.



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