Recycling Automobile Fluids and Parts

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What things can be recycled from our cars?

Recycling Automobile Fluids and Parts

Cars are essential for most individuals and that is why it is important for us to do our part when it comes to recycling items from our automobiles. There are three major things that are recyclable from your car: oil, tires and car batteries. These three things can cause major problems in our landfills if they are not disposed of properly.

It is extremely important to dispose of motor oil properly because of the dangerous toxins and the high probability of damaging and polluting the environment. The best option for motor oil recycling is to take it to local oil and lube shop that recycles oil. Transport the oil in a plastic, leak-proof container and make sure it is not mixed with any other fluids (if so make sure you tell the shop).

Most landfills charge a fee for tire disposal, but the benefits outweigh paying a minimal fee. If tires are improperly disposed they can rise to the top of landfills, transit disease when transported globally and breed mosquitoes. Your old car battery may be worth money, but if not a local shop will take it so it can be recycled or disposed of appropriately. If everyone follow the rules when disposing of automobile parts and fluids then our environments and other resources will reap the rewards.



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