Getting Involved--Green Support Groups Part 1

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How do I get started finding a green support group?

Getting Involved--Green Support Groups Part 1

There are literally thousands of ways to get involved in green living or environmentally aware groups. Some of them are incredibly organized and well funded, while others are informal get-togethers of concerned people. If you're looking for a place to start, it's a good idea to know what you have the time and energy to commit to before looking. Parents may find it easier to get involved in activities based at or near their children's school. Your local PTA, believe it or not, may be the perfect place to suggest, or get involved in, environmental projects. A chain of healthy-living grocery stores such as Whole Foods often sponsors green friendly seminars and activities at the store.

You can do plenty of networking at one of their activities. This chain also rewards customers for bringing back plastic shopping bags! If you would rather get involved in a larger organization, try a Google search for groups in your area. Once you find a group you think might be worth joining, do a little homework to learn about the local issues and how your group has contributed or helped out. When researching lesser-known groups in your area, try digging up newspaper articles on the group to see how they work within the community. Sometimes a smaller group might be just what you need, but know something about them before you join. There are plenty of excellent green support groups; as with anything else you should beware of scams and con artists. A legitimate organization shouldn't be too hard to dig up facts on!



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